I’m Colin Buick. My family have been in the furniture and upholstery trade in Scotland for generations and the Buick name is synonymous in an industry that has been a huge part of my life for as long as I can remember.

I set up my business in 2006 with the simple aim of working with only the best craftsmen and women to create high quality, statement furniture for trade customers that stands the test of time, a philosophy that has worked well.

Over the years our client base has grown to include leading national and international interior designers, hoteliers and retailers. You will find our furniture in places such as private homes in Mayfair London to cabins in the highlands of Scotland, diversely as Manchester Art Gallery but also in high end hotels up and down the country.

Why buy from Colin Buick?

Customer service that is second to none. Outstanding quality and craftsmanship. Unbeatable short lead times as we do not have to include shipping from overseas and a range that is large in comparison to industry standards.

You would expect me to say that though, so let me explain.

We all know that British manufacturing has a worldwide reputation for excellence. The principles that helped build that reputation means using only the very best materials, which is why we source as much as we can from trusted suppliers in Scotland as well as from the rest of UK. Our top quality wood is from a sustainable source and is FSC-certified.

Whether we are crafting traditional or contemporary furniture, our expert craftsmen use the latest technology, as well as traditional techniques, to design and build the pieces entirely in our facility in Scotland, maintaining full control of the process from concept through to creation, as well as consistent quality control.

We are confident in the quality of our range and that is why our frames have a 15-year guarantee!